A Little Bit Of History...

    Built prior to 1860 of brick, no doubt from the local brick manufacturing company, the hotel was originally a two-story building; a two story extension was added in 1884 by then owner Henry Noll. The mansard roofed third story was added to the hotel by owner Adam Spade in either the 1890's or early 1900's.  This historic hotel has been in business since it's inception.  

    The Hotel served as a hostelry for workers in the area cigar factories, brick factory and travelers as they traversed the southeastern portion of Lebanon County in the triangle between Reading, Lancaster and Harrisburg.  It is rumored, according to the 1892 guest ledger of the Hotel, that Grover Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson spent time here just 11 days prior to their election on November 8, 1892.  This visit is questionable, but possible if they were on the campaign trail.

    Today, the heavily traveled main thoroughfare, Route 897, conveys many antique dealers and collectors, as well as Dutch-county tourists to the area from the PA Turnpike, Reading area, and Lebanon.  Additionally, the Pennsylvania Wild Game Commission Preserve attracts business to the area and consequently to the hotel.  

    The village of Kleinfeltersville, itself, has a background steeped in religious history, as it is the center of the founding of the Evangelical Association (a Dutch form of Methodism) by Jacob Albright.  A follower of Jacob Albright, Rev. John R. Kleinfelter, was the founder of Kleinfeltersville, when he purchased a farm of approximately 200 acres from his father-in-law in 1824.  This acreage, when divided between Rev. Kleinfelter's eight children, beginning in 1848, served as the nucleus of the village.

Kleinfeltersville Hotel in 1911. Adam Spade owned the Hotel at this time and he added the third story. The second story was added by Henry in 1884.

Lebanon Brewing Company’s delivery truck and crew posed across from the Kleinfeltersville Hotel for this picture in 1912.